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久しぶりLJ.. 皆さんが俺のジャーナル多分読めないな。。(笑)良く使えないのために。Just discovered that I could download an LJ application for my phone ..

Where to even begin... I will say much has happened since the last time I've updated... Or even since the last time I wrote anything of substance.. Surprised I'm finding the time now to type anything.. Currently working... Ian (co-founder of Snacktruck media) n I (other co- founder) staying at a client's house for a music video shoot tmrw... filming Marky feat. Josh Stevens-「I Triumph」Josh flew in from LA... Just dozed off for about an hr.. hAha...

The picture above is from eating at a place called Udderly Delicious Ice Cream.. A place not in my home state of Virginia.. Some of our favorite flavors..

It's from about a month ago when I took my &s back home to pack.. n then went to the airport to fly overseas to obtain a masters in .. environmental political economy..?

Long distance, or LDR, is what we're doing for the time being... I'm being supportive n understanding because I know it's important n &s means that much to me.. Im proud.. It took me a week or two, but I have adjusted to our new style, from seeing each other practically everyday... To talking a few times a wk... What has really helped me adjust was the attempt to vlog.. Not for the public, but just for &s.. Once a week, as I like to call them, video messages, about 5 minutes, telling n showing highlights from the past wk.. Because video editing is part of my job, I can easily film short clips throughout the wk n compile them into a fun message every Wednesday.. Of course I miss my &s very much, especially since it's Halloween n my birthday right after.. though I'm doing okay... Happy... Yet lately stressed mainly because of work..

I had my 'routine' physical the other day.. which included a few shots and blood work.. Blood work reminds me that what courses through these veins isn't blue, despite what your skin tells you.. My doctor recommended I exercise more, not because of my weight (which teeters on almost less than average sometimes) but because exercise releases adrenaline, calmness, n happy endorphins (I think that's the right word).. In addition the name of someone on a piece of paper... It wouldn't hurt to talk t an outsider about myself I guess... It is something family n friends have recommended for quite some time... Just have never had a professional tell me so... not since I was about 16 that is...

Excited for filming, yet nervous, anxious, and slightly uncomfortable sleeping on the floor... hAHa.. I just think to myself about the keychain that hangs from my bag.. n the happiness I feel from the person that keychain represents.. because I know you still have yours too...

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