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My Time is Now

The past two days have been for filming, filming Marky's new song called 'I Triumph' featuring Josh Stevens.. They're gonna push it for the radio very soon.. Today we finished filming for the music video, and now begins the editing process..

Was a very different Halloween this year... and different birthday this year... November 01 is my birthday, and all of this has really happened quickly.. Work and other things have totally overshadowed one of my favorite holidays and birthday.. Though, the first person that wished me happy birthday was the only person I wanted t hear from...

My &s was the first to say Happy Birthday to me, it was while I was still filming... n we later talked the next day on Skype (meaning earlier tonight..). Its been a while since we've talked on the phone... n to be honest I was a little speechless... So many things to say but most of which went out the door temporarily... So good to hear your voice..

Tomorrow I start my new part time job.. working for the AIA , American Institute of Architects .. We'll see how this part time job goes..

Excited to plan a trip to the UK...

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