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1 November
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B is for Bouncy
R is for Rare
A is for Altruistic
D is for Delicious
L is for Luscious
E is for Explosive
Y is for Young

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bobby lee: "i think that the atkins diet is a racist diet, asians can`t partake. i mean, we eat rice and noodles. c`mon, we`d die." (went something like that.)

margaret cho: "koreans only have two facial expressions: stoney silence..... and GET THE HELL OUTTA MY STORE!"

russell peters: "indians can not live w/out a bargain and chinese can`t give you a bargain. their objective is to get every penny from you, and ours (indians) is to keep every penny. "

harold lee (john cho): "i want that feeling, the feeling a man has after he gets what he desires."

ブラッドリー is the name. currently in the land of richmond going to college.

hindi ko..alam? waka..nai? i don't... know? jya yoroshiku~ m(_ _)m . . .CHEERS ? *knock knock* hahaha? kuru-kuru kuru-kuru. i think you're "kuru-kuru PA!" cra~zyyy yo~. wanna get to know me? leave a message in my lj, or chat me on aim yo. am co-moderator of ayuchib also. jyana~.
(my old e-mail broke (;_;, more like they won`t let me frikkin sign in for some odd reason (-_-;;. plus, take note that i haven`t checked MYSPACE for almost a year now, so don`t get offended or anything if you add me there and i haven`t added you back. i plan to get back onto myspace, but since that world takes so much time i`ve kind of stayed away from it. soon though, i shall be back on myspace, yei. if you have a mixi or facebook, you can find me there too.)

(before the concert 2004.12.30)

(some time after the concert 2004.12.30)

it all went by so fast, never thought i would actually be able to go...